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The Makers

           Velorossa Design

Through lighting we seek to create connection and enhance your space. We strive to take something that is normally cold and detached and transform it in to something that feels warm and something that you can have a connection to. We hope to make the custom process an opportunity to create lighting that makes your space more a reflection of you. No project is too big or small and each light, being handmade, becomes a unique opportunity to transform the atmosphere around you.

Velorossa Design is a husband and wife team. Created in 2011 it started in a little one car garage in Cottage Grove Oregon by Nate & Mandie Fleming. Nate, a licensed electrician, brings technical expertise and Mandie, an artist, brings the creative ideas. Together they create an unique balance of aesthetics and function. Constantly learning and educating themselves on everything from the latest in lighting technology to the current trends in design they are always looking for new opportunities to share their heart for lighting, art, and connection.

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