Here's is our current line of boutique products:

PIP200-  PIPE LAMP TRANSMISSION BASE ( Shown with COS251- Collage Shade)

The Pipe lamp is made from leftover electrical metallic conduit and recycled metal transmission gears.  Stands roughly 16-18" tall without lamp harp.  The collage shade is 8"x8"x8".


VIN201-  VINE TABLE LAMP ( Shown with TRS253- Truffula Shade)

Our Vine table lamp is inspired by nature and is sure to be a conversation piece.  Stands roughly 16" tall without lamp harp.  The truffula shade is about 8" tall and 10" in diameter.


OHA202- OHANA TABLE LAMP(Shown with BAS250-Banding Shade)

The Ohana table lamp stands about 16" tall.  The banding shade is about 8" tall and 8" in diameter and is made from pallet banding.



The Bota Box night light is similar to our Bota Box pendant,  but is made for sitting on a table.  Comes with 12.5w incandescent bulb and is 6"x6"x6" in size.



Our piston table lamp is a unique fixture made from old pistons removed from engines.  These pistons have reached the end of their mechanical lifecycle but we love how they are reborn as artistic lights.  They vary in size from 7-10" depending on the piston used.








ORT206-  Orb table lamp.  Our small orb table lamp (7" diameter) is made from recycled metals to make a great rustic piece.  Shown with 0.5W LED lamp but a 12.5W antique style incandescent is also available.



Our wall clock is constructed from various bits and pieces from leftover projects to form this edgy piece.  Clock is battery operated and fully functional.